About wide belt sander

Many furniture factories don’t know how to adjust he thickness readout of the wide belt sander, today, i tell you how. And we take CA-501BP for example.

The usual readout is like my photo 1, if the number showed on the readout is wrong, please press “set” key, then the readout will show as my photo 2. Then input 0 on each digit position as my photo 3, press “set” again. Then the first number from right will flash, so you can change the flash number, at this time, you can input the real thickness number, at last, press “set ” again, you will finish it.

Of course, there is a original parameter need to be setted when you fist use the readout, it is difficult to tell how to get this paremeter, if you want to know more, please visit www.giantway.com or contact me, my i mail address is ronaldroyal@126.com

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I am a newcomer of word.press. My name is Ronald Ren, I come from China, and I am a business man on machinery and chemical products. I have two website as below:



If you are interested in China or Chinese goods, you can let me know. It is my pleasure to help you.

Welcome everyone to come to China.

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